Advent 2014 Week II : Navidad Sin ti

It’s the second week of advent. Of course this means super depressing Christmas songs. Here’s los Bukis singing their holiday classic Navidad sin ti. I’d post lyrics but you’ll get all bummed out and blame me. Remember it’s not the holidays without weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Processing Sketch: Beads

Here’s another one of these things. Experimenting with storing input. Possibly thinking of integrating sound later on.

Advent 2014 Week I : Omedetou kurisumasu

Can you believe it’s advent again? I can. So again here are some Christmas deep cuts. Here’s a sufficiently depressing song about Christmas and the friend zone. I’ll be your friend piano lady. Well, I guess a friend is what you don’t want.


Lyrics via JpopAsia

My heart remembers where it wants to be

I could gather up all the love in the world
But why aren’t you here on this special night?

When I chose to say goodbye it was never for your sake
The scared and flickering candle just filled me with sadness
The rule that we must remain ‘friends’ makes it such a difficult game
I won’t ever come between the two of you again

The truth is everyone wants to be kind
Nevertheless, people cannot be angels

I haven’t looked away but my memories still fade
The changing seasons turn each page

When I chose to say goodbye it was never your fault
The flowers and cards are all a Merry Christmas for me
Rather than smile and call you a ‘friend,’ please let me cry by myself now
Until the day I grab my dream again, it will forever be a silent night

Until the day I grab my dream again, it will forever be a silent night

Nick Zammuto @ Great Scott


Processing Sketch: water ghost

Here’s another one of these things. Making small progress.

Processing Sketch: Spinning things

Inspired by the Spirograph. The math is probably way wrong but I don’t care, it looks cool. Hold down the mouse button and see what happens!

Processing sketch: someone help us.

Here’s another processing sketch. Its quite simple. I’m just dropping ellipses at an ever faster rate creating this weird thing or whatever. The random colors are created using the perlin noise(); function instead of the random(); for a smoother transition. It is never really the same as the acceleration is always growing. I hope it doesn’t break your computer. You can interact with it a little if you move your mouse along the x axis.


Here’s an excercise in polyrythms mostly 2:3 and 3:4. Sinebeats drum machine, bass, guitar, and synth. Recording each part was interesting. It’s easy to get lost or start following another instrument. I guess it’s kind of a metaphor for life. You have to find your own groove that, if you do it well, you can work well even with people that seem to be at odds. However getting any sort of life advice from music is ridiculous. Actually, music is ridiculous. Stop listening to music.

Good morning



blast Here’s another processing sketch. Kind of reminds me of Viva Piñata. Nothing particularly groundbreaking. Just combining what I’ve learned. I really wish I paid more attention in Math class. There I said IT!