Processing Sketch: water ghost

Here’s another one of these things. Making small progress.

Processing Sketch: Spinning things

Inspired by the Spirograph. The math is probably way wrong but I don’t care, it looks cool. Hold down the mouse button and see what happens!

Processing sketch: someone help us.

Here’s another processing sketch. Its quite simple. I’m just dropping ellipses at an ever faster rate creating this weird thing or whatever. The random colors are created using the perlin noise(); function instead of the random(); for a smoother transition. It is never really the same as the acceleration is always growing. I hope it doesn’t break your computer. You can interact with it a little if you move your mouse along the x axis.


Here’s an excercise in polyrythms mostly 2:3 and 3:4. Sinebeats drum machine, bass, guitar, and synth. Recording each part was interesting. It’s easy to get lost or start following another instrument. I guess it’s kind of a metaphor for life. You have to find your own groove that, if you do it well, you can work well even with people that seem to be at odds. However getting any sort of life advice from music is ridiculous. Actually, music is ridiculous. Stop listening to music.