Karate Champ and cold tortillas


It’s strange when you notice something has influenced part of your life since you were very young. Strange because you don’t really have a say in the matter. This is something I have noticed with video games. Video games feel like they have been part of my whole life and in reality they have. Now I will proceed to talk about this because that’s how blags work.

While watching this video I noticed that the game Jeff was playing in the beginning was weirdly familiar. I looked up the game on a popular search engine and slowly each character, level, even particular shapes and colors came back to me. Like seeing an old friend again. Each feature slowly switching on lights in a long forgotten memory closet. Closets usually only have one light if any but just pretend it makes sense.

My grandfather’s house was near a tortilleria in Mexico. It was a place with a big blue machine that would make hundreds of corn tortillas every day. Parents would send their older kids to pick up a warm kilo before dinner or any meal really. This is important because my grandfather had arcade machines in his house. The neighborhood teens would head out for tortillas and stop by the house for a quick game; all on their parent’s dime (peso), of course. Some kids would play until their tortillas got cold.  Continue reading

processing: Instant Art

Here’s another processing sketch. Touch the canvas to make instant art. I’m getting the hang of objects and classes. It’s the same as any other OOP but it’s interesting to think of what you can do visually. Again really stupid easy stuff but I’m intrigued. I hope it doesn’t crash your browser?


Processing-4 Here’s another one of these gif things. It  may look cool but it’s super lazy processing coding. Again I’m just starting so I’m not making scary stuff yet. I’ve been reading the “Getting started with Processing” book by Casey Reas mostly because it was the first thing that came up in a Google search (remind me to get an Amazon affiliate thing). The book is certainly helping. It’s goes at a good pace and keeps it interesting.

I’m not really a person who reads books to learn things ( can you tell?). Mostly I dive in with no knowledge and pretend I know what I’m doing. This was easier when I was immortal but now I’m getting older and don’t have the time to figure out the basics. With books I can get to the real creative stuff faster. It’s amazing how much access to information we have these days. Even if it’s for something stupid like stupid gifs.

Well I’m done. I’m going to pee now.


Sketch October 7th

Hey I figured out how to embed processing sketches to wordpress. It’s a bit easier than making a gif. I hope it doesn’t crash your browser. Have fun looking at the moon tomorrow.