I have been making more of these processing things. Instead of having all these gifs (jifs) bog down this blag, I have put them all in a single bargain bin of a tumblr. STUPID MOVING THINGS  

Brian Vs Snow

  Brian got a sword and decided to take on the blizzard. Edited and recorded on an iPhone.

Processing Sketch: Nature of Code and Vectors

Processing_1-26I’ve been going over the the nature of code. This sketch is based on the first chapter about vectors. Instead of having the mouse be the target like the original sketch I made a simple if statement that gives random values to the target vector based on the frame count. I used a modulo to make the if statement true every 80 frames. if ( (frameCount % 80) == 0){ target.x = random(20,width - 20); target.y = random(20, height-20); This book does a great job at explaining the math involved. It takes the time to explain what vectors are and how they apply to the processing language. Searching for cool libraries and knowing how to apply them to a cool looking sketch is great but it’s rewarding to know why the little ball thing is moving the way it does.

Processing Sketch: the 4 is Sus

My first processing sketch that involves audio. Hovering over each bar changes the frequency on a sine oscillator. The frequencies of the 8 bars are tuned to a C phrygian scale thing. Playing over a Csus4 drone thing. The color or the bars are generated randomly and change temperature depending on where the mouse is on the screen. The amplitude of the oscillators is also tied to the Y axis.

Processing Sketch: 3D Control

Here’s a sketch building from the last one. I’m using the procontroller library to use an Xbox controller to move the target around with the left stick and the trigers (x,y,z) and move the camera around with the right stick.

Processing Sketch: 3D

Processing-1-15 Processing-1-15-2   These two build on the last sketch. I took the basic concept and applied it to three dimensions. It was easier than I thought, just add another number. I’m excited to see what comes next.    

Processing Sketch: Flocking

flock Here’s a classic processing sketch featuring flocking. This involves vector math which is way over my head. I followed a great tutorial by this Jose Sanchez.

Advent Week III: Navidad Tribal

Christmas is almost here! I mean I am posting these at the END of the week so its closer than you think. Here’s a Christmas song about pointy boots. I wish I had pointy boots.

Advent 2014 Week II : Navidad Sin ti

It’s the second week of advent. Of course this means super depressing Christmas songs. Here’s los Bukis singing their holiday classic Navidad sin ti. I’d post lyrics but you’ll get all bummed out and blame me. Remember it’s not the holidays without weeping and gnashing of teeth.